The Module Expand...


To use the module Expand, the Bakoma fonts as well as the General STIX fonts must be installed on the system. These fonts are accessible directly for download on the Sourceforge download section.

Expand window

Special commands

Subscript: "x_\alpha", "x_a" or "x_{\cos \theta}" produce 'Expand subscripts'

Superscript: "x^\alpha", "x^a" or "x^{\cos \theta}" produce 'Expand superscripts'

Roman font: "\rm{...}" or "{\rm ...}" font cmr10. Example: "x_{\rm convex}" produces 'Expand roman'

Space (space character): "\," (0.25), " " (0.5), "\;" (0.75), "\quad" (1.25), "\qquad" (2).

Size (font size): "\Huge" (2.5), "\huge" (2), "\Large" (1.5), "\large" (1.25), "\small" (0.75), "\tiny" (0.5).

The stack notion...

The font characterization (size, font name, and position) is defined at the level of stacks, delimited by curly braces {...}. An inner stack inherits the properties of the parent stack.

For example, "w {\small x {\rm y}} z" produces 'Expand stacks'

Last update : 23/11/2007 [gpiroux]